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6 Huge Reasons to Embrace Video Marketing

How to Embrace Video Marketing so that Videos Work For YouThe benefits of digital video marketing have quickly switched from a “nice to have” for larger businesses to a “must have” for all businesses. Every week we are seeing more businesses embrace video by creating video advertising campaigns. Brands already embracing video ads have a distinct […]

How Facebook Decides What You See

With all your Facebook friends and connections, how does Facebook decide which of their posts you see? You will hear a lot of grumbling from businesses about how Facebook doesn’t show you their content but think about it – is that what you want?  How many pages do you “like”?  How many of your high […]

Scheduling posts with Facebook

Facebook has changed the rules of the game – again! This time offering a solution to a long time frustration: scheduled posts not getting enough visibility. Read this to find out how to use Facebook’s newest feature to ensure the content you are posting is being seen by your fan.s

Facebook Lists rolled out today

Facebook rolled out a new feature today that allows you to organize your newsfeed into list.  I plan to use Facebook lists to help solve one of my biggest problems with Facebook — cutting through the noise. You create a list, say of “Recipes”, and add Facebook Pages that you categorise as “Recipes”.   Under a list […]

Facebook SSL – What it means to you

Facebook has finally implemented SSL. UPDATE 2/28/2012 12:20:26 PM The original date of October 1st, 2011 came and went, but Facebook has now implemented SSL security.  We originally thought  no Facebook user would be able to see your fan page if you have not secured it. But with the advent of Timeline for all Facebook […]

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